A Novel Style of Bike Increasingly Attracts Attention and Fans

While bicycles were invented many years ago now, the related technologies have been advancing all the while. Today’s bikes often feature equipment like disc brakes and sophisticated shocks that would have seemed unthinkable even a few decades ago.

The latest and most significant innovation in the field has been the introduction and refinement of the fat bike. Equipped with wheels and tires far wider than used to be available, bikes like these are capable of some equally unique and interesting things.

A Bike Built for the Most Challenging and Treacherous Conditions

The tires on many fat bikes today can be up to four or five inches wide when properly inflated. Compared to the two and a half inch footprint typical of the average conventional mountain bike, that opens up some extremely interesting options. In particular, a fat bike will be able to roll with confidence through tricky conditions including:

Snow. The first bikes of this general kind were probably developed in areas where deep, soft snow is common. Having such wide tires allows bikes like this to roll over snow even when it has not been entirely packed down. That can make wintertime rides much more accessible and even enable some interesting new types of off-road exploration.

Sand. Bikes with extra fat tires can be just as much fun to ride on beaches and other places where there is loose sand to be found. Once again, wide tires enable a degree of flotation that allows such a bike to move easily through sand that would bog other bicycles down.

Loose gravel and more. Basically anywhere that conditions become too loose or soft for most bikes to tread, a ride equipped with such fat tires will have much better chances of remaining upright. While fat tires might not be exactly ideal for paved roads and the like, they can still be used to navigate such spaces on the way to more appropriate destinations.

Buy a Bike That is Ready for Adventure

Being able to make use of such wide tires does require that a bike be designed for this purpose from the ground up. From the widths of forks, wheels, and dropouts to a number of other features, only bikes that are meant for wearing these especially wide tires can hope to make good use of them.

Looking into a fat bike for sale is therefore the best way to get started with the most interesting new development in the sport. Those who do so will inevitably find that plenty of fun adventures await them.

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